Difference Between FTL And LTL

Every business needs to transport their goods, be it from their supplier or if you are the producer to the supplier. In most cases it’s people who are buying from the supplier who use freight transport. Now for this purpose there are two types of freight transport. This depends on the volume of your goods. The two types of freight transport is full truck load also known as FTL or less than truck load laps known as LTL. There are advantages on both sides and through the course of this article I will compare the two and give advantages for both types of transport.

truck transport

Let’s start off with less than heavy truck load transport also know as hot shot freight transport. The big difference in this method is that when it comes to hot shot freight loads your volume doesn’t have to basically fill a truck or trailer up. Of course this means that you would be sharing the space with other businesses as well. Due to this factor the cost of transport is divided up among the people who are using the truck. So it’s ideal for a small business who reset have a need to transport a lot of goods at the same time. There are businesses who don’t need to stock up on large amount of what ever they are selling. Keep in mind that this means that they would be stopping at business’s who are on the road before you so your goods can be delayed a bit. There is chance that your goods could be switched from truck to truck as well which might not be a good idea for fragile goods.

When it comes Full truck load this doesn’t necessarily mean that you fill up the entire truck or trailer it could just mean that you want a truck or trailer dedicated to transporting your goods. This is meant for larger businesses or people who deal in fragile goods as this is more suitable for them than the hot shot freight loads system. On addition to that as you have a truck or trailer for yourself this means that you get your delivery sooner as well. So if you are a business who has to pay a lot of attention to the time factor of your deliveries then this would be a better option.

All in all you must bear in mind that LTL is only good enough for you if you are a small scale businesses. I mean sure yeah it may seem the cheaper option but there are disadvantages as well as I have shown. So for large scale business FTL is always the better option. Of course is up to you to decide this is merely advice.

Choosing The Best Car Hire Deal

It is an effective and efficient idea to utilize the services of car hire companies when you are travelling abroad or at hometown. Many people are not aware of this efficient service. They still look for fussy ways to get into particular destinations or occasions.
There are many car hire companies that offer a fleet of vehicles, both luxury type and normal ones for hire. Before you choose particular service provider, take into consideration many things.

Factors to consider before you hire a car company

• First of all, you want to determine the type of car you will need for the particular journey or occasion.

• You planned a family trip or have school formal car hire needs. In these cases, it is wise to choose a reputed car company for a luxurious vehicle that will make you pride when you arrive at the scene.

• Next is the number of people that are going to travel in the vehicle. If you are travelling alone or with one or two people and have little luggage, then a small luxury vehicle is worth your journey.

• Some people may have particular driving requests, such as automatic gear box. You will want to speak this with your car hire company while reserving the car.

• The distance of travel should be considered before you make reservation. Big corporate rental companies suits your needs if you want a vehicle for short period of time. These companies have fewer overheads.

chauffeur car hire

• To the contrary, if you are hiring the vehicle for a long period of time, then it is wise to utilize a small car hire company as they are easy to negotiate the deal and have no fixed pricing structure.

You should decide your travel date before you book the vehicle. You may have checked the prices and packages on the website, but not booked and then surprised to know the price at the desk is higher than the original quote. So, it is worth booking in advance.

When you go for booking the vehicle, it is necessary to read carefully the terms and conditions of the car hire company. Look for additional costs that the company has put in place and ask them how these are charged. This way, you will be able to avoid unwanted risks and nasty surprises.

You want best deals in everything you look for. Therefore, you should look at companies that offer discounts for regular customers or price drops if you lodge at particular hotels that the company recommends. Look for word of mouth advertisements and look at online sources for genuine reviews and feedbacks posted by previous customers of particular car hire companies.

Situations That Require You To Hire A Bike Transporting Company

You are an individual who is fond of riding in different environments and terrains. So, you decide to give away your old bike and buy a new one. While you are searching online, you find the ride that you’ve wanted to have. However, the store is in another region and you don’t have to the time to pick it up. What should you do? Just leave that out and find something else in your region? At present, biking is not only a sport, but also a mode for transportation and way of engaging in leisure driven activities.

On the other hand, there are situations when you are required to contact transportation services. What might these situations be for which you would call a transportation company? Here are some situations that you might need the extra help to move your vehicle:

bike transportMoving to another destination
Moving to a new home is one of the most hectic jobs for you. It involves a lot of planning, organizing and many more. In no time, you would be calling the removals company for shifting the furniture. If you want to move your vehicle (e.g. bike), some companies hire bike transport establishments to fulfill this requirement. Hence, you need to look for removalists who have this option, which is a plus point.

– Transporting the bike for an event

There are many cycle riding and races that people engage in. On the other hand, there are special tracks in various regions for motorbike riders. If the location of these tracks were far, you would be able to hire these companies to transport your two-wheeler. They would deliver it on time and at the exact place of the race or riding track.

– Buying a cycle online in another region

Returning to the example in the first paragraph, you might come across this situation in the future. If the location is too far and you’re not familiar with the route, you have a solution to it. You could buy the bike and ride in soon as well. All you have to do is search for a reputed bike transport company. They would ship your asset safely to your home for very reasonable charges.

If you are in any one of the aforementioned situations, you now know that you could hire these professional services. They would not only pick the product but also ship it to your residence or move to your new home securely. Therefore, start your search and look for the best and expert company for transportation services.

Living The Twenties

party HummerIf there is anything that will not come back, it’s the time you waste. Your twenties will be the Golden Era of your life – constantly offered the chance to grow, the chance try and the chance to experience. Whatever experience you gain at this pivotal point of your life, will make you into the person you are to become. Hence, our advice to you is to live your twenties to their maximum potential.

Learn something new everyday

There is so much excitement to learning something new every day, be it a sport, a language or even how to sing. The more you learn, the more you are set apart. What you know – and what you do not know – will make you exclusive from others.
So use your time wisely –utilizing every passing moment. Always dreamt of learning to dive? What are you waiting for? There are many services that are now offered, which provide you with one-on-one training. Always wanted to learn a language? Go ahead. Apart from the traditional classroom teaching, there are many online and virtual programs now made available, offering interactive practice sessions. Technology has made learning much easier, and it is up to you to utilize this advantage to the fullest extent possible.

Fall in love

We may sound very clichéd when we say this – but do fall in love. It may be a vulnerability to open up to a person. Nevertheless, this same vulnerability will help you grow as a person. The smiles, the shared moments, the laughter and even the heart breaks- all turn out to be fantastic lessons for your future. So fall in love, learn to heal, and learn to love again.

Live the nights

There is something amazing about being young and twenty – and one such factor is the countless possibilities that a night seems to offer. Be it partying with your friends or a romantic date with your other half, there is so much to experience. Hire a party hummer in Sydney and celebrate the night going around the city with friends.

Or park the party hummer near a beach and spend the night gazing at the waves with your friends, sipping a beer. Go out dancing or go for a movie with those who are closest to you.

Work the days

While you live the nights, you need to work the days. What you do during your twenties will define you in the future – this is the ultimate truth. Hence, it is necessary that you plan ahead and execute it. Do you plan to apply for graduate studies? Then focus on gaining an excellent GPA and recommendations for your teachers. Do you wish to serve in the social development sector?Then invest some time volunteering at a NGO or a charity. Work hard now, so that you can relax in the future.

Most Stressful Jobs In The World

We all complain about our jobs. We say that it stresses us and that we are unable to cope with the stress. But, there are some jobs in the world that are stressful than other ordinary jobs. Few of the most stressful jobs in the world are as follows.


High school teachers in rural areas

Teaching is a highly strenuous job with a lot of work at home. Teachers should work 40 hours a week and work extra on home. This may be in the form of correcting papers, homework, and extra classes for slow students, etc. Also, teachers have the responsibility of forming young peoples minds. This will eventually contribute to a better society. Therefore, one of the most responsible and most stressful job in the world is teaching. If the teacher is locates in a low income or a deprived area, athe responsibility of the teacher on the students lives are high. Teacher should contribute to the development of the moral values of the children as well. Therefore, this is one of the most stressful jobs in the world.

Police officer in an unsafe neighborhood

Been a police officer itself is a stressful job. But been a police officer in an unsafe neighborhood makes it worse. It’s a matter of life an dead where you are always working with criminals and crimes. This job has to be done by a tough individual who can face emergency situations and respond instantly. Also this person has to be unbiased and with a rational and logical mind. Police offices job responsibility consists of creating and facilitating a safe neighborhood for all, civilians of the community as well as commuters. Police officer should achieve this by traffic management in Sydney, identifying and tracking criminals in the area and the neighborhood and developing a proper relationship with the community.

Medical intern in a public hospital

Medical intern at a public hospital has a very stressful job. Interns are new for the job and they don’t know the exact thing to be done and the exact medication to be given to the patients. The patients who are coming to public hospitals are needy patients with low income. These people don’t understand most of the illnesses and how they have to be treated and the way they should help the doctor to identify their illness quickly. Also, this job needs long strenuous working hours and lot of focus and effort on the doctors’ end. In this situation, been a medical intern at a hospital like this is difficult and stressful.

Why Renting Vans Is A Better Option Than Luxury Sedans?

Are you looking to go on a holiday trip to the mountains with your family? There is no doubt that a mountain ride would be a tedious one. You will need to lease a vehicle that is comfortable and has decent enough space to hold your luggage and other things. This is why it is always better to opt for a van or a people’s mover than going for a sedan car. You will never need to worry about the cramped space anymore on your trip if you choose the vans for lease. A sedan will be an ideal option if you and your better half or partner traveling to the destination. But, if there is more luggage and 4 to 5 people, then you can travel in utmost comfort and relax during your journey by hiring people movers.

car rental

Better amenities

The vans that you are hiring will surely offer you more space and better transport amenities. You get more options than what you get when opting for a sedan. There are wide varieties of styles, sizes and types of van that are offered by car rental companies. You just need to choose the people mover according to your family needs, number of people traveling, the destination, and the charges and of course comfort. The renting out of vans is a very good option than choosing any other public transit as you can use it the way you want to. You can take a break at anywhere on your route.

Advantages of vans

Every car rental in your area will be offering you vans for lease. These are the following advantages that you can enjoy when you are hiring a van.

• There will be loads of space for your belongings and the cargo.

• Loading and unloading of all the stuff you carry is very easy.

• The seating options are more in a van than in any other sedan car.

• If you have babies traveling, then you can make use of the extra seat space for the baby to sleep.

• You can also get the vehicle at better rates as they are not as luxurious as the sedans.

Choose the right company

It is ideal that you choose the right company for hiring the van that you are looking for. Any company that has a fleet of vehicles in all sizes and for all kinds of rates will be a good choice for hiring cars. The company must be in the business of renting out vehicles to its customers for four year minimum. It must have very good reputation and name in the market.


Opting for a hiring company that has got maximum positive reviews and is known for its affordable rates apart from offering customer friendly services will help you to thoroughly enjoy the mountain vacation with your family.

Spend Some Quality Time With Your Family!

airport transfers

Despite best intentions of everyone, holidays can be taxing. They take too much of preparations and planning. Occasionally, it will be better to hire service of travel agents. No stress, no fuss, just go. On the other hand, this could not be the most effective option for everyone. It is not possible for families to only drop the whole thing and go on vacation without planning it in advance.

Children need new dresses for holidays and packaging in a hurry indicates that they will possibly forget a bit and that will just reason even more tension ultimately. There are methods to have the finest of both worlds. You can make a proper plan ahead and have a tension free vacation and you have revive exactly the best place to check out how to execute this. At start, holiday planning doesn’t need to be worrying. Just prepare ‘To-do’ lists and mark the things off as you take proper care of them.

It is the just method for you to get the whole thing done without overlooking anything or raising your tension levels. You have to select a place, book a hotel, book flights, confirm everyone has visas and after that relax and wait for your holiday. At the time everything has been arranged, there are some important things that still require your attention. Well, you can book your excursions, purchase new clothes and book your airport transfers. You could be attracted to save some good money and just force yourselves to the airport but this would not be money saving. You have to pay for costly petrol and after that you need to disburse for parking charges and prices of airport parking are expensive. In this manner, you will not save some money. You do have the choice of utilizing public transport, but this looks somewhat risky in case you have to catch a plane.

Something can happen with public transportation. The whole it takes is for your train or bus to be delayed and you can miss your flight. Obviously, the whole could go as per to plan and you would catch your flight without any tension, but do you wish to take risk? It looks that the most suitable option you have is to hire the service of airport transfer and with the help of this you can catch your plane and stay away from unnecessary tension. It is very simple to hire this kind of service at your place. All you have to perform is search on the web for a service and then you have to read some customer’s reviews that previously used their service. Here are more information to gather regarding airport transfers on this link bcttransfers.com/services/ipswich-transfers/.

The most effective service will have their personal site and you can either online book, or get in touch with them through email. A few companies could even have a phone number or facility of online chat.

Buying Cage Trailers

Buying cage trailersTrailers are quite a versatile method of transportation. Although they cannot function on their own and require the assistance of another powered vehicle, they are great extensions for when you need to move things around especially across long distances without hassle. The world of trailers is actually broader than you would think and it is important to know a few details of both the type of trailer you are going for and your requirements.


When you hunt for stock trailers for sale, you will find that what it is, is in fact box trailers with galvanized cages fitted onto it. Some of these trailers come with removable cages which is handy as you then have a box trailer in the same set-up if necessary. When opting to purchase one, try and look for one that comes with a rear-opening door. This means that you can transport high loads for example furniture, which you can then just secure against the sides of the cages. It also makes it easy to load and unload the good to and from the trailer.


A common problem people face especially if they use trailers far more often than normal, is the decision of going for a more permanent solution. Based on this there are options of buying, hiring or leasing trailers whatever your preference maybe. However, most get stuck here as they are not sure which of these would be the most suitable taking into account financial considerations and so on. The best thing to do in this instance is to weigh out your options and see whether at this current point in time buying is the better choice as opposed to hiring. The benefits of buying include you having the trailer at your disposal at any time and making it an advertising point as you can advertise on the trailer itself. Additionally, you can also customize your trailer to make it easily identifiable which is great for business as opposed to hiring a trailer where these are restricted.


Trailers make a great opportunity for business on-the-go. You can look at cage trailers for sale at this website, for example if maybe you would like to setup a moving company and advertise your company on your trailer so that people on the move can take note and call you for your services. As there are so many people moving in and out of accommodation, you will find that in fact you have no shortage of business, as long as you put yourself out in the right areas.


If you insist on purchasing a trailer as oppose to hiring one then by all means go for it. If you are strapped for cash however, the best option for you might be a second-hand trailer for your needs. Not only do they cost less but even if they get a little battered up it will not matter so much. By the time you need a new trailer you would hopefully have saved up enough for a brand new one. Build your business through the first trailer and grow with the second. Good luck!

Must See Temples in Siam

Thailand is famous among travelers for many things. The beautiful countryside, intricate local products, the variety of foods and very affordable shopping all contribute to the country hosting more than a quarter of a billion tourists a year. Though Bangkok itself is famous for it’s night life there is on one thing that is unique to the city and that is the temples found all over the city. So in my opinion there are some temples that cannot be missed when in Bangkok and here are some of them.

Must See Temples in Siam

For all of you who think that the trouble of finding the best deals is the excuse for not travelling then you no longer have an excuse. Most travel agencies have super deals on Bangkok flight and accommodation packages for every budget. So pick one and don’t miss out on these treasures. First up, Wat Traimit or the Temple of the Golden Buddha. This is a 5.5 ton golden statue that was rediscovered in the 1950’s by accident. For the protection of the statue, it was covered in stucco and many years later, the statue found itself under a simple tin roof in the heart of Bangkok. In the 1950’s the statue was being moved when a rope snapped and the statue fell, breaking a piece of the plaster. When the matter was looked into they found that the simple statue was one of the most valuable treasures of the land. You can see the Statue in the temple and the same complex also houses a measure that tells the le of the statue and it’s discovery.

Next up we have the Statue of the Reclining Buddha. This is situated at the Temple of Wat Pho, which is considered the oldest temple in Bangkok. The statue which is 46 meters long is one of the largest Buddha statues in Thailand. The statue tough not revered for its religious importance, it’s cultural value is from where it’s popularity stems. In fact every April there is a celebration in honor of the statue wherein the funds raised go towards the upkeep of the temple. This temple though is not considered a deeply religious site, it is home to one of the foremost schools or learning centers for traditional medicine and massage. So if you’re one those spontaneous souls who have got a great deal on Bangkok flight and accommodation packages, then you can splurge a little extra and experience one of the most famed attractions of Thailand, A Massage. These centers practice the art that has been perfected through centuries and it would be a shame if you were to simply pass it up.

Finally we have the pièce de résistance of Thai Buddhism, the Emerald Buddha. This is considered the most important artifact of Buddhism in Thailand and so revered that only the King of Thailand is allowed near it. The tale behind the statue is that it suddenly appeared at a pagoda in Chiang Mai in a stroke of thunder. The statue was covered in a plaster and was carved out of one piece of stone. The importance of the statue goes beyond religion and is also a symbol of good luck and prosperity to the nation. Hence three times a year the King changes the cloak of the statue to correspond with the season to ensure good luck to the Land.

“Travel is the only investment you make that will have a guaranteed return” whoever said that knew what he was talking about a seeing temple such as this, seeing the dedication and craftsmanship of the human race, it truly goes to show that despite all the idiotic things we do, we have the power to do so many wonderful things. We just sometimes need to be reminded of it.

How to Save Money on Airport Parking Fees

These days it is getting very expensive to park at the airports if you’re not careful about it. As an airport traveler, it becomes necessary for you to know about the airport parking fees. You should also know how to get the best deals. If you are able to know in advance where to park your car, it will help you to save up to 25% and more.

If you simply go to the airport and don’t know where you are going to park then think again. The airport domestic parking lots are simply waiting for you to turn up unaware of the exorbitant prices. It is of vital importance for you to know where you are going to park before you head out to the airport.

airport parking

The rates we found for parking your car at any of the airport domestic parking lots were on the higher side. There was also no personalized service available and you are really getting ripped off.

One way by which you will be able to save money on Airport Parking is that you should park your car at one of the private remote parking lots, and there are many of them. These private remote parking lots are much cheaper when compared with the airports own long-term parking lots. Moreover, the online discounts will be able to make parking at one of these facilities an even better deal.

Drivers often avoid the private lots as they are of the opinion that it will take them extra time to transfer to and from the airport. However, lots of these private parking lots are only a shuttle ride away from the terminal. The long-term parking lots at the airport are often full. This implies that you could spend an hour looking for a place to park before searching for a remote parking lot anyway.

Another option to save money on parking at the airport parking lots is to locate a hotel near the airport which has a park and fly package. It is from these hotels that you can avail of a one night stay at the Hotel, parking for 7 to 14 days as well as an airport shuttle service to and from the airport 24 hours a day. You will also not be under any stress in driving into the airport to the shuttle van driver.

A lot of hotels are usually near the airports and all of them offer similar deals. They will usually have airport shuttles running on demand or on a schedule. However, the service is much better. You will also be able to get a much better value for your airport parking dollars.

The bottom line is that it becomes necessary for you to take some time out and do your homework before you go to airport as in this way you will be able to save as much as 25% or more when compared to just showing up and parking in the first airport parking lot you find.

Car Hire Services To Make Your Commute Comfortable

In the present world owning a car has become a necessity. However, many a time’s people consider renting one so that they can enjoy their journey. There are many companies that provide car hire services at affordable rates. You can hire car of any size and model. You can also hire luxurious cars to enjoy the luxury driving experience. No matter, you are going on a trip or wish to reach your home safely after a long flight; you can hire a car for any of your needs.

Car hire services offer cars for rent and chauffeur driven luxury cars. You can enjoy the experience of luxury cars without actually buying the car. They provide services to take you from the source destination to the final destination. Car hire services can be availed for wedding, prom, a day trip or reliable airport transfers.

chauffeur car

Comfortable transportation services

It is quite hectic to drive a car after spending hours in flight. Car hire is the most comfortable form of traveling as it adds to the luxurious traveling for airport transfers and makes your journey comfortable. Car hire companies provide different types of vehicles to make your transportation comfortable. They charge on the basis of vehicle you hire for transportation and the distance you travel.

Services provided by the car hire companies are as follows:

• They provide cars for corporate events.

• Classical and vintage cars can also be hired from the car hire companies.

• Tourists can hire a car for the tours and travel all along the country.

• It offers the service to pick your guests from their places to the party venue.

• Executive services like pick and drop service to the corporate clients and VIP’s.

Benefits of car hire services

The benefits of car hire services are as follows:

• If you are going for the vacations you can avail car hire services so that you there will be no wear and tear to your car.

• They provide you complete independence to go from one country to another.

• The biggest benefit of hiring a car is that you do not have to rely on the public transportation for relocation. You do not have to wait for the cabs and other public transport.

• Chauffeur driven car hire service will provide you convenience if you are traveling with your pets and kids.

• The chauffeurs are experienced and licensed. Therefore, you enjoy safe driving.

In conclusion, it’s up to you and your purpose to hire the car but that surely will make your travel better.

Have A Rental Car

While traveling in various countries and their attractions, what will you think of in the beginning? Normally a common thing comes in mind that when you are on your holidays you must have fun with comfort. The traveling medium is of course a great part of this holiday plan.

Due to the comfort matter of your travelling plan, you must go for hiring a rental car. Cars rent to buy is always a good option to be chosen when you are on holidays. Wherever you may go out, in the countries like Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, London, or the United States of America – everywhere you will get the option of making your holidays more comfortable in the rental cars.

If you want you can go for hiring cars online by clicking the rent to buy cars option for your pre-planned traveling destination.Online booking helps you in saving both time and money. Whether you are going from the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world, some clicks on your smartphone or from your laptop will make your work done. You will naturally receive a confirmation mail and also message in your number.

rental carSome other benefits are also there which you can derive from hiring the cars online.

• No issues in the new country: In a new country, you have to face all the things as a strange or complete new way. Reservation previously will help you immensely in new country.

• Any car you like: Choose the car which you like. As you are making the reservation previously, you will get more options than you find in manual process. In the season, thousands of tourists come there and so the cars will be booked. Therefore select your preferred car at beforehand.

• Access from anywhere: As you are booking online, you can access it from anywhere. In any country or state or any city – your smartphone is always with you for additional help.

• Available any time: Whenever you get a little time in your busy schedule, you are free to reserve the car. No matter whether it is day, night or morning – the stores are always opened for the customers

• Compare the price: If you find the price high in one of the sites, you have thousands of other optional sites to compare the price with them. So you can get the best deal. Manually these facilities are no way possible.

How To Stockpile Your Extra Items In A New Location For A Short Period?

Once you are done relocating to a new place, so many boxes containing house items will definitely create chaos. To get rid of that, looking for a stockpile unit nearby would be a good decision. The general misconception about them is that- they are stinking expensive. But the following tips will definitely teach you how to extricate maximum benefits from a stockpile unit.

Try to get a unit on the first floor

If possible, try to get self storage in Perth on the first floor. It will help you a lot when the time will come to evacuate the place. If you are determined to shift the items in your house within 6 months, then you can settle for a little bit pricier unit if it guarantees a first-floor position.

Learn space saving tricks

If you have rented a short self storage unit, you must learn a trick or two for saving space. Plywood is a beautiful and effectual instrument that can help you a lot when it comes to making use of every inch. You can put up plywood pieces across the boxes and make shelves. In this way, the floor of the unit will remain free- thus allowing you free movements. Remember that making room on the floor surface and keeping them items vertically will turn the small unit in a minimalist and tidier zone. You may also utilize the corners of the garden sheds, or garage to stack your goods neatly. The waterproof and weather resistant storage units will ensure that your goods are perfectly safe from the adverse weather conditions.

Wrap up and label

You must wrap up as many boxes as possible and put a sticker on each of them. In this way-
• Your items will be safe from the change of temperature- whether it’s scorching heat or freezing cold.
• If the owner shows you the notice to evacuate, you can easily remove the boxes by counting the labels.
• The items will be safe from dirt and dust.

But do keep it in mind that there are many articles which need to be in touch of air ventilation. For them, you must not wrap the box tightly. Instead, make some holes in the exterior of the cardboard box.

Throw away extra baggage

When we shift to a new place, we tend to keep stocking many articles simply out of sentimental reasons, while we many not in need of them. To make use of every inch, it’s recommended that you check out your inventory in every 2 months and throw away extra belongings. Once you do that, you may move to a smaller storage unit- thus saving some moolah during the process.

Get more info about cheap car storage in Perth, go to this link

Paying Your Rent In Advance: Is It Worth It?

Car renting is not something that anyone can do. It is often a confusing process that takes drivers to the realm of tedious searching and rate comparing. We all want to get our money’s worth so we look for cheap rentals. Of course we also want to be satisfied with the quality of the services. So how do you get the best deal? By paying in advance or by making a regular reservation, providing your basic contact details? Let’s look more into the problem.

Covering no-show situations

Many companies fear that their clients will not show to pick up the car they booked. If you take a look at the statistics, you will see that in some countries one third of the clients cancel their reservation last minute, or simply do not show up. This is extremely unprofitable for companies and they might even ask for credit card information and charge you in case you don’t show or cancel in less than one week before the date of your arrival.

The benefits of certainty

On the other hand you might be in the situation to show up at the car hire company with a confirmed reservation and have the nasty surprise to find out on the spot that there are no cars available. Or that the class you reserved is not available. Either way, if it is not confirmed by credit card, you might be in for an unpleasant way to start your trip. Paying in advance sometimes works in the benefit of both parts. The company is motivated to stick with your reservation and not give it to someone else, and you are motivated to show up, or at least to cancel your reservation in time if you don’t want it anymore.

Renting online

When booking online, some websites may display two prices. One is for the situation you pay on the spot, while the other is for paying when you arrive at the rental counter. Even if you don’t have two prices displayed, keep in mind that, if you pay online, the company benefits greatly and you might even get lower rates. Paying in advance will eliminate the stress of not knowing how much you will have to pay for until you reach the car hire in Melbourne.

Difficulties you may encounter

Before deciding to pay in advance you need to know something else. If you decide to cancel, you will not recover all of your money, as many companies apply cancellation fees. Some companies even refuse to refund you in case you cancel, so be careful. Also, when paying in advance, some discounts or coupon codes cannot be used. If you are eligible for such codes, make sure you compare the rates before paying in advance.
Paying in advance may not be a good idea, unless the offer is too tempting to resist. But keep in mind that rates may drop from one day to another, and you might miss out on important savings in case you are too hasty.